Bella May: A BMX Star with Frankston Hyundai at Women’s World Cup

December 5, 2023 4:35 pm
News Preview

In the heart of Argentina on challenging BMX tracks that saw some fierce competition, Australian BMX rider Bella May, proudly sponsored by Frankston Hyundai, soared to new heights in her World Cup debut. The Frankston Hyundai team is thrilled to share the news of Bella May’s stellar performance, clinching a remarkable second-place finish in the U23 Women’s category.

Frankston Hyundai’s Proud Support:This year, Frankston Hyundai proudly welcomed Bella May into the team as a sponsored athlete. As a brand committed to supporting local talent and fostering growth in sports, Frankston Hyundai is elated to stand by Bella May as she takes significant strides towards the pinnacle of BMX racing.

World Cup Triumph: Bella showcased extraordinary strength and speed during the final race of Round 8. Despite starting from the seventh position, May’s tenacity and skill propelled her to a remarkable second place by just the second turn. Though she couldn’t bridge the gap to the leader, May’s efforts secured her a well-deserved spot on the World Cup podium—a momentous achievement in her budding career.

Fellow Aussie shines:The success didn’t stop with Bella. At the same event, fellow Australian Women’s BMX rider Saya Sakakibara continued her impressive streak, maintaining her overall lead in the UCI BMX Racing World Cup standings. Together, May and Sakakibara showcased the strength of Australian women in the global BMX arena.


Bella May’s Journey

Bella May’s journey in BMX racing commenced a decade ago on a track nestled in the Seaford wetlands. Little did she know that her initial ride would mark the beginning of a promising career in Australian BMX. With a dedication to her sport and a strict training regimen, Bella has now emerged as a formidable force on the international scene.

Sporting Highlights So Far

  1. Australian Junior Elite Champion
  2. U23 Women’s World Cup – Argentina (2nd place)
  3. World BMX Championships – Semi-finalist
  4. Superclass Women Australian Championships (3rd place)
  5. Oceania Championships (3rd place)
  6. Eight-time Australian Championship Finalist
  7. Eight-time Victorian State Champion

The future is undoubtedly bright for Bella May, and Frankston Hyundai is honoured to be part of her thrilling BMX journey.

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