Hyundai Ioniq 5 N earns rave reviews

November 24, 2023 2:53 am
News Preview

Hyundai has cracked the code for making electric cars genuinely exciting with its latest creation, the Ioniq 5 N. This electric hot hatch, developed by Hyundai’s expert N division and endorsed by journalists who have recently driven the car proves that the big South Korean car maker is challenging the norms of electric performance cars.

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Setting the Standard for Sporty EVs

The Ioniq 5 N is not just sporty; it sets the bar for electric sports cars. Hyundai’s brilliant head of engineering, Albert Biermann, has helped the N Division add a host of engineering upgrades over the normal Ioniq 5. This delivers a unique driving experience both in terms of hardware and software enhancements, although the special sound effects brings some tones from the sporty petrol hot hatch line.

Power and Precision

Under the metal, the Ioniq 5 N boasts a dual-motor powertrain delivering 448kW, temporarily boosted to 478kW in N mode. Beyond raw power, it introduces features like the N Sound+ system, mimicking the feel of a traditional hot hatch. Not only does this include the awesome burbling sound of the i30 N (contact us if you would like to experience that hot hatch in person), but the N e-shift setup adds a physical jolt to simulate real gear changes, providing an immersive experience unlike any other EV on the market.

Track-Ready and Versatile

The Ioniq 5 N isn’t just about its incredible power figures either, as it is track-ready (just like all the Hyundai N cars). With features like N Launch Control and N-Pedal regenerative braking it can take on a racetrack to put all the power down in a legal, fun environment. There is even the ability to switch from front to rear-wheel drive, for some drifting and a little more movement that can be extracted on track.

Balancing Comfort and Performance

The Ioniq 5 N doesn’t compromise comfort. It offers ample space and maintains a tech-savvy cabin. It comes with a comprehensive kit list, including 21-inch wheels, advanced touch and driver screens, and a huge number of safety features.

A Game-Changer in Electric Performance

The Ioniq 5 N is a new standard for driver-focused electric cars, and comes from years of experience developing the established N model lineup. Frankston Hyundai is excited to see this car in the metal when it arrives and join the expansive Hyundai line-up of cars.

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