Hyundai’s ZER01NE Accelerator Program Looks To StartUps

February 21, 2024 6:05 pm
News Preview

Hyundai has announced an open invitation to startups worldwide called the ZER01NE Accelerator program.

The program is not your typical corporate affair. It’s a collaboration space where Hyundai and its brands want to team up with startups to cook up some innovative tech magic that could see its way into future Hyundai models.

Beyond huge investments like this from Hyundai global, we at Frankston Hyundai take pride in our own local investments, such as rising athlete Bella May who recently returned from her World Cup debut.

Themes and Projects

Startups get to pick from three tech themes: Software-Defined Vehicle (SDV), Smart Factory, and Environmental·Social·Governance (ESG). Within these themes, there are seven interesting projects waiting for the startup touch.

      Software-Defined Vehicle (SDV): Think futuristic rides with smart software vibes – two projects diving into this realm.

      Smart Factory: Ever wondered how to make a factory as smart as your phone? Two projects are all about that.
      Environmental·Social·Governance (ESG): For the eco-conscious and socially responsible startups, there are three projects lined up to make a positive impact.
News Preview

Applying is a Breeze

Are you a startup thinking, “Hey, I’ve got something cool to bring to the table”? Good news – from February 19 to March 10, you can throw your hat in the ring. Just head over to the official application website and apply your startup.

What’s in It for the Startups?

Fist off, selected startups get a chance to work directly with Hyundai. But that’s not all. There’s a project development budget waiting for them, and if things go really well, there might even be some equity investments in the cards.

A Legacy of Start-Up Success

Hyundai’s ZER01NE Accelerator is no new idea. Since 2018, it’s been a hub for startup brilliance, with 150 teams from 11 affiliates and a whopping 177 startups that have teamed up on 128 projects. And ninety-six startups from this playground have scored equity investments from Hyundai.

Last year alone, three global startups got the nod, working on projects like next-gen batteries, teleoperation, and funky 3D printing solutions.

If you’re a startup with a vision, the ZER01NE Accelerator is like an all-access pass to the future of mobility. This isn’t just about cars; it’s about shaping how we get around in style and with a tech twist.

If you would also like to learn more about Hyundai’s models and see how some of the brand’s tech works in vehicles, from family SUVs like the Tucson to electric models such as the Kona Electric, simply contact Frankston Hyundai today and we’ll organise your own one-on-one.