Maximising the Benefits of Frankston Hyundai Servicing

January 20, 2024 12:12 am
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Convenience and value are paramount when it comes to servicing your vehicle. Frankston Hyundai understands this, and we are dedicated to providing you with top-notch service. When you choose to service your Hyundai with our authorised dealership, you automatically become eligible for a host of ownership benefits that sets Frankston Hyundai apart and keeps your Hyundai new car warranty intact.

Booking a Hyundai Service Online

Frankston Hyundai offers a seamless online booking system that makes scheduling your vehicle’s service a breeze. You can access our online portal and select your preferred date and time with just a few clicks, and you can provide your vehicle’s details, including the registration number, VIN, or model year. What’s more, for new Hyundai owners, the first service is on the house, whether it’s at 1500 kilometres or within the first month of ownership.

Choose Your Way to Book: Your Schedule, Your Location

With Frankston Hyundai, flexibility is key. You can easily choose your service date, time, and location through our user-friendly online booking system. If you’re in a hurry, we also offer ‘while-you-wait’ servicing options. For added convenience, we can even provide transport options.

How it works

Email Confirmations: No Need to Remember Everything

Once your booking is confirmed, Hyundai ensures that you won’t forget a thing. We’ll send you an email reminder containing all the essential details, including the location, service specifics, and your designated time slot.

Manage Your Appointment

Life can be unpredictable, and sometimes plans need to change. No problem! Frankston Hyundai’s online system allows you to log in and make adjustments to your booking, be it the date, time, or additional services you may need.

SMS Reminders: Stay on Top of Your Service Schedule

If you’ve made a booking well in advance, Frankston Hyundai has you covered with SMS appointment reminders. These reminders will be sent straight to your mobile phone, ensuring that you never miss your service appointment.

Hyundai’s Servicing Plans

Hyundai offers two distinct servicing plans that cater to different needs:

Lifetime Service Plan

Regardless of whether you have the latest Hyundai model or a beloved pre-owned one, the Lifetime Service Plan is available to all Hyundai owners in Australia. This plan provides you with numerous advantages and peace of mind when it comes to servicing your vehicle.

Pre-Paid Servicing Plan

Building on the benefits of the Lifetime Service Plan, the Pre-Paid Servicing Plan allows you to lock in today’s servicing prices when purchasing a new car or at your vehicle’s first scheduled service.

Maintenance Safety

While it’s tempting to perform maintenance work on your vehicle, it can be risky without the proper knowledge, experience, tools, and equipment. For your safety and your vehicle’s well-being, Hyundai strongly recommends that all servicing be done by an authorised dealer – Like Frankston Hyundai, located south of Melbourne in the Bayside area, close to Mornington and the Peninsula.

Stay Informed with myHyundai

Hyundai’s all-new owner’s portal, myHyundai, is your gateway to staying informed about your vehicle’s service history. You can easily access this platform to check when upcoming services are due, schedule and book your next service at your preferred service centre, and even receive notifications about recalls.

Call in today

When you choose Frankston Hyundai for your vehicle servicing needs, you’re getting more than a routine maintenance check. To book in for your next service or to learn more, contact Frankston Hyundai.